Australian Slang


ANZUS: Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.
Ansett: One of Australia’s domestic airlines.
Abo: Derogatory word for an Aborigine.
Aerial Ping Pong: Phrase used when referring to Australian Rules Football.
Apple Isle (Island): Tasmania ( apple-growing region.).
Apple Islander: A resident of Tasmania.
Amber (Fluid): Beer.
Ankle biter: Small child, a toddler.
Arvo: Afternoon.
Aussie: An Australian, or something Australian.
Aussie Rules: Australian Rules Football, AFL, Footy, the most followed sport in Australia.


Banana Bender: A resident of Queensland state.
Going Bananas: To lose your mind or talk irrationally.
Back of Beyond: Way out in the bush; the deep outback; middle of nowhere.
Back of Bourke: Way out in the bush; the deep outback; middle of nowhere.
To Bag Someone: To talk trash or criticise someone behind their back, without their knowing.
Barbie: A barbecue, used for cooking outdoor meals.
Barrack (for): To root for a sports team or anything for that matter.
Old Bastard: A term of endearment, a greeting to an old friend.
Battler: Someone who has it tough but doesn’t give up.
Beaut: Something’s cool, a general expression of approval.
Better Half: A spouse (male or female).
Beyond the Black Stump: Way out in the bush; the deep outback; middle of nowhere.
Billy: Pan / Container / Kettle used for boiling water in the bush.
Put the Billy On: Make a cup of tea, or a kettle.
Billabong: A water hole or oasis in the outback.
Blackfella: Not vulgar, but slightly rude term for an aborigine.
Bloke: An Aussie male or just any guy.
Blow-In: A person new to the scene, a new-comer or stranger.
Blowies: Blowflies or just plain old flies.
Blue Heeler: A policeman or woman, always nipping at your heels.
Bludge: To be lazy, not do your share.
Bludger: A lazy person.
Bob: A shilling piece or 10 cent piece.
Boomer: A kangaroo.
Bonza: Cool, great, that’s bonza!
Bundy: Bundaberg rum; Aussie favorite.
Bunyip: A mythical creature such as a yeti or a bigfoot.
Bush: Anywhere in Australia where there are more trees than houses.
B.Y.O: Bring Your Own, Take your own Grog along.


Cack handed: Left-handed.
a Captain Cook: To look at something.
Cark it: To die.
Clobber: Clothes.
Chook: Chicken
Chunder: Vomit
Cobber: Friend or mate.
Cockie: A farmer
Corroboree: A traditional Aboriginal dance.
Crow eater: A resident of South Australia.
Crook: Wrong, ill, or sick.


Damper: Un-risen bread cooked in a fire or ‘camp oven’, an outback specialty.
Dacks: Shorts, slacks, pants, trousers.
Daggy: Untidy, worthless, ugly, rough around the edges.
Darwin Stubby: A very large bottle of beer ( sold mainly in Darwin)
Digger: An Aussie soldier, otherwise known as an Anzac.
Dill: An idiot, someone who lacks much intelligence.
Didgeridoo: An Aboriginal instrument made of hollow log.
Dinkum: Really? (Exclamation of surprise).
Dinki Di: Absolutely true blue .
Dog’s Breakfast: A mess, sloppy.
Drongo: An idiot.
Drover: Someone who drives cattle / sheep long distances.
Duds: Clothes, (not specific).
Dunny: Toilet, primarily outdoors.


Earbash: One person talking for quite a while, loudly, inconsiderately, and against the listeners will.
Eggnisher: An air conditioner.
Esky: A cooler or other form of ice-box, derived from the ‘Eskimo’ brand of coolers.


Face Fungus: Facial hair.
Fair crack of the whip: To give a fair chance.
Fair Dinkum: Honest, up front, genuine, true.
Flake: Shark meat.
Flake out: To pass out, show fatigue.
Five Finger Discount: To steal or shoplift.
Footy: Australian Rules Football (Aussie Rules).
Fortnight 2 Weeks, 14 days,
Franga: Condom.


G’Day: Hello, good day, welcome.
Googie: Egg.
Grazier: Owner of a large sheep or cattle property.
Grog: Liquor.
Grommet: Young or amateur surfer.
Gutzer: To fall down, be injured or to get hurt in some way.


Happy as Larry: Quite content with something.
Haveagoodweekend: Have a good weekend.
Humpy: Crude outback-home.




Jackeroo: A cattle or sheep station hand.
Jillaroo: Same as above, except female.
Jaffle: A toasted sandwich or slice of bread.
Jocks: Men’s undershorts.
Jumbuck: A sheep.


Kiwi: A resident of New Zealand.
A few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock: Not quite all there, a bit simple.
Knock: To criticise, run down, belittle.
Knockers: a. Critics
b. Woman’s breasts


Lamingtons: Traditional Aussie desert, small sponge-like cake.
Lamington Drive: A cooking-backed fundraiser.
Long Neck: A large bottle of beer.
Long Paddock: The road side, the grass is used to feed stock in drought times.


Mate: A good friend, general term for just about anybody.
Matilda: Swag, packing up your bags and hitting the road.
Mexican: Any body who comes from south of the Queensland border.
Middie: An averaged sized glass of beer.
Mozzies: Mosquitos.
Mystery Bags: Sausages,


Never Never: The Outback.
Nulla Nulla: Heavy wooden club or stick, originally an Aboriginal weapon of choice.
Nup No,


Ocker: The Redneck Aussie.
Overlander: Someone who drives cattle over vast distances.
Outback: Australia’s dry interior.
Out House: An outside toilet, (Dunny).
OZ: Term for Australia.


Pat Malone: On your own.
Pavlova: Mainstay of Aussie deserts.
Pie Floater: Meat Pie that ‘floats’ on a bed of peas and tomato sauce.
Poddy Dodger: Cattle thief.
Pommie (or Pom): A person of British extraction.
Pony: Small beer glass.
Pot: Large beer glass.
Pub: A bar or hotel, a public area for drinking alchol.


Quid: Pound note in the old currency. $2.00


Rat Bag: Someone who’s troublesome.
Ring-In: An impostor of some sort.
Road Train: Large truck found in the outback, 2-4 trailers long.
Root: To have sex.
Rubber neck: An inquisitive person.


Sandgroper: Resident of Western Australia.
Sanga: Sandwich.
Schooner: Very large beer glass . Usually found in the NT
Scrub up: To get tidy or cleaned up.
Servo: Petrol or service station.
Sheila: Woman or girl.
Shout: Turn to buy a round of drinks .
Slab: 24-can pack of beer.
Snags: Common term for sausages, commonly grilled on the ‘barbie’.
Sticky Beak: Inquisitive, to pry, to get involved when not wanted.
Strine: Australian slang.
Stubbies: Shorts, small bottles of beer.
Sundowner: Person who sets up camp wherever they are at sunset.
Swag: Bed roll, a number of.


Thingamabob: Any thing you don’t know the name of at the time.
Tilly: a:- Utility or small truck ( Queensland ).
b:- Pressurised petroleum lamp used for camping.
Tinny: a:- Aluminium boat.
b:- A beer can.
True Blue: All Australian, a real friend, 100%.
Tucker: Food.


Up Shit Creek: – – – (usually without a paddle) In big trouble.
Ute: Utility vehicle or small truck.


VB: Victorian Bitter (Beer).
Vegemite: Australian sandwich spread or soup base.


Walkabout: To go away, leave, travel.
Walloper: Copper or Policeman.
The Wet: The rainy, humid, summer season in Australia’s tropical north.
Wowser: A party-pooper or spoil-sport.


XXXX Queensland Beer.


Yakka: Hard work.
Yabbie: Fresh water crayfish.
Yep Yes, OK