The Birth Place of Queensland

Town of 1770

This town has its place in history as the first landing place in Queensland of the then Lieutenant James Cook on the 23rd of May 1770. Hence the name Town of 1770 and the promotion of it as the birth place of this state.

1770 is situated on Round Hill Creek at the south eastern end of Bustard Bay, it is a small township consisting of a Marina Complex, Bottle Shop, Restaurant, a boat ramp, two Caravan Parks and about 70 homes.

1770 stands on the lee side of a peninsular it is a boaties haven with a good, safe anchorage and the homes have some of the most heavenly views of Round Hill Creek and Bustard Bay especially at or near sunset. The climate is almost perfect and the pace of life here is the envy of many.

The boating distance to the Great Barrier Reef is about 30 miles although there are many good fishing spots much closer.

Agnes Water

Agnes Water and it’s sister town, the Town of 1770 are the hub of the Discovery Coast and are fast becoming the primary growth center of Queensland.

What was Queenslands best kept secret is now out and as the roads improve the areas popularity as a holiday destination is skyrocketing.

Agnes Water is recognised for among other things it’s beaches and lays claim to having the northern most recognised surf beach on the east coast of Australia. In fact it has several surf beaches and is able to provide surf in a variety of weather conditions.

From this part of the Discovery Coast there always seems to be plenty of activities in which to engage. This includes a visit to the Museum, Beach walking, Beach fishing, Rock fishing, Creek fishing, Crabbing, Boating, Swimming, Rock climbing, Boat trips to the islands, Diving, Snorkeling, Bird watching, Turtle watching, Surfing, Sightseeing and 4WDriving. Then maybe the most important of all is just ** Relaxing ** which we do here very well.

There is a small commercial center where most holiday requirements will be found, Caravan parks, Motel, Rental homes and B&Bs are usually readily available although booking ahead is always advisable.

Bustard Head

Bustard Head is at the northern end of Bustard bay and on top of which stands the first Light House to be built in Queensland.

The light was commissioned in 1868 and was manned until 1986. The light stands sentinel over Inner, Middle and Outer Rocks which stretch out due east some 3 miles or so from the headland.

Pancake Creek

Pancake Creek used by many boaties as a safe haven from storms or just as a respite area while traveling north for the winter or south for the summer.

This creek has some of the best coral viewing and snorkeling areas on the coast and is fully protected from the elements. The fishing is not bad either.

Pancake Creek is not normally accessible by vehicle and as a result is a true escape destination.

Captain Creek

Is made up of some 300 plus 40acre bush blocks which tends to encourage self reliance in the people who live there. There is no township as such as it is on the main road to Agnes Water and is regarded as a suburb, however the Captain Creek Sport and Recreation Club has an active membership and lively entertainment.

Middle Creek

As the name suggests Middle Creek enters the ocean at a point about half way between Bustard Head in the north and Round Hill Head in the south. The waterway connects to Pancake Creek in the north some 7 miles away.

Access is by boat or 4WD vehicle through the Eurimbula National Park. The fishing here can be good, and it has been known to give up a few Mud Crabs.