Southern Coast

Baffle Creek

The area of Baffle Creek is at the southern end of the Discovery Coast bounded by the creek itself to the south and Deepwater National Park to the north.

This area is well known by a few who have been coming here or living here for years and keeping it’s assets a secret.

The word creek conjures up images of trickling water in a shady forest however don’t be misled, this creek is a large waterway probably in excess of one mile wide at its widest point.

It has always fascinated me the way Queensland has taken to calling waterways, creeks, when in any other place they would be referred to as a substantial river. Other waterways in the region that this applies to are Round Hill creek, Middle creek and Pancake creek.

This area is sparsely populated on lightly timbered 40 acre blocks and the roads are mainly gravel.

The activities include fishing, fishing, fishing, seriously though it is a place to get away from it all and relax. There is a ready access to reasonable fishing spots, this includes the creek itself, the open ocean beach fishing, deep sea fishing reef fishing and mud crabbing.

There is a small weekend sailing club but little other organised entertainment although the locals and others can often be found at the Eulilah Country Club.

Other locations in the district are Wartburg, Rules beach and although not officially on the Discovery Coast, because they are on the southern side of the creek are the townships of Winfield and Boaga.


Located on Coast Road near the creek and only a short distance from the old ferry crossing site. The township boasts a small primary school, a caravan park / general store, fuel, an interesting golf course and a church. Life revolves around the Baffle Creek and what you can do, on it, in it, or under it.

Wartberg has a history dating back to the original settlement of the Miriam Vale shire in the 1800s when German settlers arrived and some of the descendants still remain.

Rules Beach

Situated on the ocean front it is some miles long and is the full distance between Baffle Creek and Broadwater creek. This is the only beach left on the Discovery Coast on which you can legally drive a 4WD vehicle, and is the way to reach the mouth of Broadwater creek by vehicle.

Broadwater Creek

Is where Blackwater, and Deepwater creeks join to drain the swamp or wetlands of the Deepwater National Park into the ocean and provides some very interesting adventure canoeing and small boating.

Maybe even a few fish to be caught especially for the fly fisherman.


Situated about 1 Kilometer off the main Bundaberg to Lowmead road it is named after the first property to be settled in the Miriam Vale Shire, way back in 1854.

It is a small community reliant on the Beef Industry and is the seat of our secondary school learning being the only school in the district to go to year 12.

The town supports a country pub, general store, police station and hardware store as well as numerous sporting and social groups.


First named Scrubby Creek when the railway was being built, it now consists of a Primary school and a Hotel and is built next to the main North South railway line, however the train does not stop here.


This area is situated between Lowmead and Rosedale and is reliant upon the Cattle Industry and a little timber cutting.

Berajondo is the main turn off point from Lowmead road to Baffle Creek, Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 from the south.